What are the funniest things you learned during high school that have nothing to do with regular subjects?

Each professor will during the first class of the semester announce the punishment for cheaters that can get even worse during the year. So, of course, each student should be having written all over that cheating is not OK. Wrong! Getting caught in cheating is not ok. If you ever went to real high school and had the education like the rest of us mortals, you should know that there is not chance that you could manage your social and private life with all the chores you have related to school without becoming insane. Another fact is that the only thing you do while preparing several exams at the same time, you are actually not learning or understanding most of the things, but memorizing it. Remember how you usually forgot 90% of the things after the exam passed? Well, this is the reason for that.
And let’s take math and physics as the examples. Memorizing those formulas doesn’t mean that you understood the whole concept. Instead of that, you should be allowed to take these formulas written on the piece of paper, and take your time to learn and understand connections at your home.

If you think that the whole cheating on tests thing isn’t funny enough, let’s take some more hard-core example instead. The first thing you and your peers were thought by the seniors was to live your high school life like there is no life after that because these four years are the last years of your life that you will be allowed to maximally go crazy. So, drink and smoke weed as much as you can, and don’t forget to shoplift and stealing cars. And you know why? Because it is so freaking fun. Pointless, but fun. Blood running through your veins, the rush of adrenalin, the whole paranoia mixed with excitement. When will be the next time you could enjoy it? Once you have your own kids? Nah, forget it.
And, as far as your virginity is concerned, don’t waste your life on waiting the right person to have sex with. You are once in your life young. After all, it isn’t a soap to be spent. Just use the protection because you want to take a bottle of tequila on your prom night and not the milk bottle instead. What are the funniest things you have ever heard during high school? Tell us about it after you are done with 12 funny lessons learned in high school we found so far.