What are the Funny Poems for Children?


What are the Funny Poems for Children? Reading is one the first habits a child should develop and no other habit is going to serve a person better than this. Poems are one of best reading material for kids. They might become bored by reading philosophical poems, or those containing morals. Funny poems are a good way to encourage them to read the poem and as well as cultivate the reading habit. We have put together this list of funny poems for children.

Poems give growth to the child’s vocabulary with them needing to read books that they may find boring. Reading out poems to kids may help them become much better speakers and readers. They hear and learn about the different pitch, tone, and the voice inflections. Poetry also aids in increasing the memorization skills. Songs and most poems rhyme, which is why they so easy to memorize and remember. These poems have been selected from websites like Family Friend Poems and Brownie Locks. These poems were authored by authors like Shel Silverstein, Margaret Benison, and more. These poems are on subjects that kids will adore such as school, puppies, tooth fairies, and chores. They are written in a hilarious manner to make sure that the child has a fun experience learning.

A few lines of Michael O’Toole By Phil Bolsta:
Michael O’Toole never did get to school,
So he never learned how to write—
Or to read or to spell or do anything well,
Which is sad, for he’s really quite bright.
And now that he’s grown, he sits home alone
’Cause there’s nothing he knows how to do.
Don’t be a fool and stay home from school,
Or the same thing could happen to you!

Another popular poem is Land of Happy By Shel Silverstein
Have you been to the Land of Happy,
Where everyone’s happy all day,
Where they joke and they sing
Of the happiest things,
And everything’s jolly and gay?
There’s no one unhappy in Happy,
There’s laughter and smiles galore.
I have been to the Land of Happy—
What a bore!

A poem you can enjoy is “When You Think Things are Bad” By Dr. Seuss
When you think things are bad,
When you feel sour and blue,
When you start to get mad…
You should do what I do…
Just tell yourself, duckie,
You’re really quite lucky!
Some people are much more…
Oh, ever so much more…
Oh, muchly much-much more
Unlucky than you!
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