What are the hardest and easiest concentrations at Harvard?


The prom night has passed and all the excitement about the end of the school year vanished and now is your turn to pick the right college. If the college that fits you the best is the number one Ivy league college, and when we say number one Ivy league you know that we are talking about Harvard, you should think about the subjects you are taking. You need to be well informed when it comes to all the decisions related to Harvard because Harvard is looking for future great leaders, the ones determined to be as the Harvard- the best of the best and not the irresponsible and the weak ones.

So, did you already pick your next profession? Is it business or maybe law? Or are you maybe a more medical person? You already know the difference and you have probably checked out all the options you have and are well informed about everything related to it. But what is about concentrations? There are a lot of available concentrations on Harvard, all highly recommended by the school staff, but you don’t care about that part, do you? The thing you are interested in is the length and the weight of the concentrations.

Are you really ready to start the course which even keeps the professor up all night when setting up the problem? If it keeps even him up until 2 am, how much time do you think it’d take you? Or the Social Studies 10 which makes you take the 300-pages reading material per a week.

Keep this in mind: the best is not always the hardest. Even though the Harvard stands for the serious and prestigious college which welcomes only the best of the best from all around the world, it doesn’t mean it should transform you into a zombie. There are also a lot of both fun and educational courses out there which also don’t take you much time away, but prepares you for the next level. You can, for example, start the Visual and Environmental Studies 71: the Silent Cinema. The class is made most of the discussion and watching the movies. Sounds fun? But there is more. What if we’d tell you that there is a class specified for witches? Yes, you read well. Find the Folklore and Mythology 106: Witchcraft and Charm Magic and see for yourself. For more examples and detailed information take a look at Insider Monkey’s 10 easiest and hardest concentrations at Harvard.


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