So what are the hardest instruments to play for children in an orchestra? You could read an interesting and useful article about the easiest instruments to play for children, now Insider Money has come up with the hardest ones. If you have a child and now you have decided together to play an instrument, the only thing you have to do is to choose which one it should be. As for me I much prefer the wood wind instruments, as I played the bassoon when I was younger. I was considered being gifted, so I wanted to be a musician, but unfortunately I started it too late. When I took up playing the bassoon I was 16, so it would have taken about eight more years to finish Music Academy in my country. Therefore I decided to study something else. Now Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting tips and ideas about his topic.

Music makes a deep impact on our whole life, not only on our brain, memory, body, but our behavior as well. Playing music is a great thing, but playing music together with others is really something! As the famous Hungarian music professor said, you can live without music – because life can go through the desert as well, but why should we go there if we can trespass across a flower garden, too?

According to Peterson Family Foundation there are lots of benefits why a child should learn how to play at least one instrument. In order to get the right information Insider Monkey has consulted sites like The straight Dope, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and ABRSM. It is not easy to find the hardest instrument to play since everything depends on the person’s discipline and determination. What is easy for one, it can be hard for the other. We have picked two instruments from Insider Monkey’s list: piano and timpani. In these days most of the symphony orchestras have a pianist. This acoustic and stringed instrument was invented in 1700, although there was its “ancestor” the cembalo. You can play any sorts of music on piano, classical music, jazz, rock, blues and so on. Children usually enjoy playing this instrument, although it is one of the hardiest ones. Timpani became an orchestral instrument long ago, and in the Civil War it was used on the horseback. It is one of the most important one in an orchestra, but isn’t easy to play on, especially for children.
For any further useful advice, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the hardest instruments to play for children in an orchestra.


I am from Hungary, Europe. I graduated as a theologian, and social pedagogue.