What are the hardest words to spell for 6th graders?


You have a child and you are curious about what are the hardest words to spell for 6th graders? Spelling means rather a big challenge for a pupil or a student. Have you ever tried a spelling bee? If yes, you know how difficult it is and how proud the children are when they win. Now we can see a funny but interesting list article by Insider Monkey.

In our modern age our texts are automatically corrected when using any devices: mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. Do we have to study how to spell words? Our answer is definitely yes, we do. It is a very good thing that we can be sure of sending our letters without any mistakes but at the same time more and more people forget about the grammatically correct spelling. We studied quickly to use the help of autocorrect technology so very often we need to face the fact we have forgotten lots of things. So which is the better? To use autocorrect apps or skip them and try to remember the correct spelling? This situation is very similar to using calculators, as a result we have difficulties in doing simple sums. But we can make a good use of this technology as well, as lots of middle school students teach themselves how to write a certain word.

When I was a student I always entered lots of competition, spelling bees as well. I usually won, or I got the second place but now I must confess I have difficulties in spelling some words. Many times when I write something I need to check a certain word and I sometimes end up being corrected by an app. Nevertheless not only am I to blame but the changing rules as well! I look after the changes every year and I can find some new rules annually. And of course I still have challenging words myself.

Now the author at Insider Monkey has collected the hardest words that mean problem for 6th graders. There is no a particular order to that list as these words you can read there are all equally difficult. I only feel sorry that I couldn’t listen to the words of the list because I could have tried my abilities! I am mentioning only three words now: noticeable, strengthen, descendant. What do you think? Are they difficult ones?

If you want to know all of them, read the hardest words to spell for 6th graders.