If you are currently smoking or thinking of smoking nicotine free cigarettes, you should know what are the harms of nicotine free cigarettes. Even if it may seem that you are free of the bad effects of nicotine addiction, smoking is inherently harmful and can adversely impact your health. The manufacturing process and the chemicals in these cigarettes can lead you to serious health problems.

Nicotine free cigarette can be of various types. There are herbal ones, electronic ones or basic ones. All of these are promoted to be safe, but you should always be skeptical about these promises of safety. Countless studies have been done and articles have been published on this topic and a few harms stand out quite conspicuously. One harm would be inhaling the dangerous toxins like tar and carbon monoxide. They can be directly responsible for cardiovascular complications. The chemicals in the filter and benzene based adhesive can increase chances of different types of cancer. Often times, the liquid that is used for e-cigarettes are falsely classified. Tests have found out that many of these “nicotine-free” liquids do not match the officially circulated descriptions and a few even have trace elements of nicotine. So, you can still get addicted because of some manufacturer’s evil-intentions. Also, the false sense of safety means smokers inhale the smoke deeper and hold it in longer. This can severely impact your lungs and create respiratory complications. It can even cause asthma patients to relapse.

If you want to read more on this issue, take a look at Insider Monkey’s 5 Reasons Why Nicotine Free Cigarettes Are Harmful where they have looked into multiple studies and articles to come up with persuasive evidence about the harms of nicotine free cigarettes.