What are the health benefits of marijuana?


Despite marijuana being stated as the addiction drug, it is proved that it has several health benefits which is why it became legalized in many countries by now. This article is focused on explaining what the health benefits of marijuana are and why is it actually good for some medical patient to consume cannabis from time to time in order to improve their health and ease the symptoms.

Many would disagree with the statements arguing that marijuana should be legalized and given to the patients with serious diseases because of the previous statements about marijuana as an addictive substance which makes the junkies hallucinating and turning themselves into criminals, but if the alcohol and tobaccos can be legalized, even though they actually don’t help at all, but just ruin the lungs and the liver, why couldn’t we legalize marijuana as well?

Marijuana is already legalized in 28 states for the medical purposes and it is already used for making some medications such as Sativex, which is used for the pain treatment, and Marinol, which is the highly recommended treatment of nausea and vomiting for the US and Canada citizens and the appetite stimulator for the AIDS patients.

Antagonists would say that marijuana diminishes the ability to learn, think and decreases the motivation and will, which is why Insider Monkey’s research team consulted big pharmaceutical companies such as AbbVie Inc, Veleant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc, 22nd Century Group Inc, Arena Pharmaceuticals, Insys Therapeutics Inc, GW Pharmaceuticals PLC- ADR, and Cara Therapeutics Inc, that based their opinions about the effects marijuana has on the surveys they previously did. By clicking on the next link, you will be redirected to Insider Monkey’s list 12 health benefits of medical marijuana according to the publicity traded weed companies, so check them out and see what they had to say about marijuana’s influence on epilepsy, brain diseases, vomiting and nausea, pain and the appetite.