What are the High Paying Part-time Jobs for Students in London?


What are the High Paying Part-time Jobs for Students in London? If you’re planning to study in London, then you should take a look at the part-time job available there for students. Part-time jobs not only give you an inkling of a work life but also teaches you about responsibility. This is a great way to make some extra cash for the weekend parties or just to take care of your basic necessities. Living in dorms and taking up the meal plan can keep the costs quite low. Many people prefer to stay in dorms as the rent prices are obscenely high. Rent, food, and other miscellaneous expenses are something that no student can escape from. The occasional parties, splurging on clothes, and maybe a few trips will all take a dig at your pocket. If you need to do all these in college, then you need to earn, and believe me, what you don’t get a chance to do in college, you won’t get it to do it anytime after!

You can check out the career center of your college or university. You might be able to find on-campus jobs quite often. There is a fierce competition for the on-campus jobs and if you see one, better grab it immediately. If you don’t find anything at the hours you’re free or if you need to earn more, you can check out this list containing part time jobs with high pay for students. We first took into consideration the various types of part-time jobs that offer good pay to students. The average hourly salary of each job was obtained from Indeed. You can now go through the list and select those which you find interesting and those which suits your schedule.

Dog walker, Receptionist, and QA tester are some of the part time jobs for students on the list. A dog walker can earn about £10.00 to £15.00 per hour. Apart from walking the dogs, you might be required to take them to the vet as well. There are rules by the government on how many dogs you can walk at the same time. Check this with your local body. Being a receptionist is quite a cushy job. It does not require any strenuous activity and pays about £10.00 an hour. It would entail managing the waiting room crowd and answer the phone calls. QA tester can earn about £7.00 to £8.55 every hour. You will have to test the quality of various products. For more jobs, you can check out the list of the High Paying Part-time Jobs for Students in London.