Video games are enormously popular today because they are available to everyone, but have you ever thought about what are the highest grossing video games of all time? The gaming industry has ballooned into a $100 billion industry, and people are spending more time playing games than ever.

Big fans of video games probably know that League of Legends is one of the highest grossing video game of all time. League of Legends only continues to grow in popularity, with its player count reaching 100 million active monthly players as of the middle of last year. Another one top-rated game is Fantasy Westward Journey. The first of several different games that will likely be obscure to many Western games, Fantasy Westward Journey is a Chinese MMORPG based on the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, and the income of this video game is almost 4 million dollars. One of the most popular arcade games of all time, Space Invaders earned an incredible $3.85 billion between 1978 and 1982, primarily 100 yen at a time. In fact, the game’s popularity led to a persistent claim that it caused a shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan.
When and how video games became so popular? Early games used interactive electronic devices with various display formats. With the advent of standard operating systems for mobile devices such as iOS and Android and devices with greater hardware performance, mobile gaming has become a significant platform. While many portable games share related concepts with browser games, these games may utilize features of active devices that are not necessarily present in other programs such as global posting information and camera devices to support augmented reality gameplay. A video game, like most other forms of media, may be classified into genres. Video game genres are used to categorize video games based on their gameplay interaction rather than visual or narrative differences. A video game genre is defined by a set of gameplay difficulties and is classified independent of their setting or game-world content, unlike other works of fantasy such as films or books. For example, a shooter game is still a shooter game, regardless of whether it gets the place in a fictional world or outer place.

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