What are the highest paying countries for chefs


So what are the highest paying countries for chefs? Are you a chef and you would like to know where to move for higher salary? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. Earning lots of money is a dream of everyone, I think. Salary is one of the first things that we ask when we go to job interview. Money is important but not everything. I must confess I like working and of course I like being paid for it. But earning more than we did previously depends on lots of things. We need to improve, learn something new in our field, for example a new database, a new language or new cuisines if you are a chef. Anything that we can add to our list of skills.

Chefs are really respected by other people – as we must admit we love eating. We appreciate a place where an excellent chef works. But the question is if you are satisfied with your workplace, or you would like to change, maybe you plan to move another country. Now you can check your possibilities with Insider Monkey. In order to get the right answer, Insider Monkey has consulted sites such as PayScale, Salary Expert, Lohncomputer and Glassdoor. The jobs were naturally ranked by the payments. We have picked three countries from Insider Monkey’s list: Norway, Denmark and Ireland. In Norway it is very cold, but the payment you can get is cool. An average chef can earn $38,484 per year, and if you are excellent, this amount can go up to $45,275. It is a little bit warmer in Denmark, and not only the temperature can go higher, but your salary as well. You can earn $43,270 per year in Denmark, and it can go up if you are really good. Irish people love eating and drinking. So if you choose this country, you will make a perfect decision as your annual earnings can go up to $45,965. You won’t regret to choose this beautiful green country, and it has a great advantage over the two previous ones: their mother tongue is English as well.
For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the highest paying countries for chefs.