What are the Highest Paying Trades in Australia?


What are the Highest Paying Trades in Australia? If you are thinking of moving to Australia, and are wondering which trade would pay the highest, you’ve come to the right place. Trade school is a great option for choosing a career path than college. College charged you a whole lot of fees to teach you subjects which are not remotely connected to your field of interest. Most study the subject, give the test, and forget all about it for the rest of their life.

Trade school operates on different lines. They allow the students to choose their subject and field according to their choice and the career they are looking forward to. Each trade requires a skill set and hence, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The trades and their process differ from country to country. In spite of the fact that life would get terribly difficult without them, trade jobs still face a certain stigma. We have prepared this list in order to let the people know that many trades pay a good salary. Just as much as those of traditional jobs and careers.

We used a simple methodology to rank the trades. They are ranked according to the annual average pay for each trade. The job or trade that pays the most is featured at the top of the list. The Australian Government Job Outlook and Business Insider Australia were two sources that we used to obtain data about the trades in Australia. We then retrieved the salary of each occupation from Payscale. Read on to know more about the highest paying trades in Australia.

Mining trade, Automotive and engineering trades, and Electronics trade are some of the Highest Paying Trades in Australia. The annual median wage for Mining trade is $139,303. Australia has one of the most powerful mining industry in the world. It includes equipment operators, blasters, miners, grinding operators, and drillers. Though it is dangerous, the pay is high. The annual average salary in the Automotive and engineering trades is $129,786. This includes avionics maintenance workers, aircraft mechanics, vehicle painters, and automotive electricians. The demand for a job in this trade is quite strong. The Electronics trade pays about $94,396 on an average to its employees. It includes line workers, technicians, draftspersons, and electrical technicians. They are responsible for the power supply to businesses and homes, lighting, and installing and repairing the electrical lines. Check out the complete list of the Highest Paying Trades in Australia.