What are the Highest Paying Trades in Canada?


What are the Highest Paying Trades in Canada? If you are interested in doing trade in Canada where you expect a high return, then be ready to embark on the journey and keep your visas ready. There are many areas where you can get educated on how to do a trade without going to college. You can focus on these skills by going to the trade school. You don’t need to go to a university and spend your time there when you could be learning invaluable things in the trade school. Trade schools are pragmatic and practical in nature and train you within a short period of time and give you better insight in the field you are interested. It is not necessary that you need to have a formal college education to be successful in this field. No degree is required as all you need is practical knowledge of trade to become successful.

There is a vast difference between Canada and the US. Though Canada’s trade is similar to that of U.S., the pay in the workforce employed in these two regions varies by a great margin. So now if you are feeling insecure and you want to have a new option, then you have a choice here to choose a career elsewhere in a new place where you will be safer.

To compile a list of credible high paying trade online sources were used. Huffington Post was one such source along with Canada Business and Trade School CA. All the three sources were studied and the average salary was taken as the basis. The list contains all jobs that we can give you and in-depth knowledge through vocational course and Trade school education.

Construction Manager, Oil and Gas Well Operator, and Pipefitting Contractor and Supervisor are some of the Highest Paying Trades in Canada. A construction manager earns an average of $72,800 per year. Their job is to coordinate and supervise the construction work. The average annual pay for Oil and Gas Well Operator is about $70,720. They are responsible for extracting gas and oil through drills. They are usually employed by mining companies. Pipefitting Contractors and Supervisors earn an average annual pay of about $69,326. They are responsible for supervising, coordinating, installing, and repairing to ensure everyone’s safety. Check out the others on the list of the Highest Paying Trades in Canada.