I am not sure what you were exactly thinking when opening this link, but this article is actually about climate and the driest and places with the sunniest days to live in, which means countries with the lowest rainfall and most sunny days. If you are the kind of person that loves dancing on the rain, then you may also read this article in order to know which countries you might want to avoid if you are looking to move, or simply look at 10 countries with the highest rainfall.

When looking for the places with low rainfall, you need to find the ones with the lowest precipitation and those are most usually deserts. Any source will give you the information that the place with the lowest rainfall in the world is a city in Chile called Arica with the maximum precipitation of 0.6 mm annually. As the US is concerned, the state with the precipitation of 241 mm annually, that is actually the lowest precipitation in the US, is Nevada. As a matter affect, if you are looking for a specific city in the US with the lowest rainfall and the longest days and the hours of sunshine, then you definitely need to move in Yuma, in Arizona, where there will be waiting 67.33 mm of rainfall and 4,015 hours of sunshine out of possible 4,456 hours of daylight each year.

As you may already assume, one of the countries with the lowest rainfall is the United Arab Emirates with the precipitation of 78 mm per a year. And can you guess the highest temperature in the United Arab Emirates? I don’t think so, as we would all die if we would live under those conditions. During July and August, the temperature can reach even 45°. But this is only one out of the 10 countries with the lowest rainfall, and there are 9 more waiting for you to check out.