What are the Industries That Most Commonly Hire Illegal Immigrants?


What are the Industries That Most Commonly Hire Illegal Immigrants? Illegal immigrants are mostly hired by the construction and Agriculture sectors. These industries are among the seven industries which hire the most workforce. The overall workforce of the total immigrant population of U.S. contributes about 17 % of the total immigrants of U.S. The illegal immigrants being 8 million in 2014 which comes to about 5% of the workforce. The agriculture sector leads hiring about 17% of its workforce unauthorizedly, and the lowest being hired by Transportation and utility services contributing about 6% of the workforce. The pattern of distribution of the illegal immigrants in industries varies from state to state. The 7 industries that offer the most employment of illegal immigrants have a strong presence in some states. The Agriculture industry in Idaho contributes a large percentage of employment to illegal immigrants.

The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. in 2014 was to the tune of 11.1 million as per the estimate of the Pew Research Center. In 1960, the total of immigrant population was just 9.7 million which rose to about 42.2 million in 2014.The bulk of the immigrants were spread out to the areas in California, Florida, Texas, and New Here. They contributed to the extent of about 59% of the total immigrants living in the country.

Donald Trump, the US President, was totally against the illegal immigrants. This was reflected in his speeches during his presidential campaign. He was very much against the illegal entry of immigrants that he made the point his campaign key address to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He had also vowed to make a merit-based immigration system as to bar entry to the U.S. of illegal immigrants. Though he had promised mass deportation of illegal immigrants, the effect on the economic front was a matter of concern for him. In spite of being illegally employed in the U.S., they contribute to the growth of the U.S economy. The agriculture sector is totally dependent on illegal immigrants who are uneducated and low skilled. The list is prepared by the Pew Research Center after conducting opinion poll and surveys made to find out the illegal immigrants working in the U.S. The industries are ranks based on their percentage of the workforce employed by them.
Agriculture, Hospitality, and Manufacturing are some of the industries that most commonly hire illegal immigrants. Check out the entire list of them.


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