What are the Largest Artificial Lakes in Asia?


What are the Largest Artificial Lakes in Asia? If you are planning a vacation to Asia, be sure you make some time to wander around the pristine beauty of the artificial lakes. There are many lakes in Asia which are quite large, and hence, we thought we would create a list of the Largest Artificial Lakes in Asia that you can explore the next time you go there. Asia filled geographically the Ural Mountain, Caucasus Mountains, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, and includes China and Russia as well. They are the home to some wonderful artificial lakes. Though our planet many not be as large as Jupiter, the largest planet of our solar system, our planet had something so very precious – water. Water helps us to develop as a species and we just cannot survive without water. Water is becoming a crucial issue at this time as the world population is growing at a tremendous rate and hence, the need for water is increasing as well. We need to be able to utilize water is a manner that makes sure something is left for others as well. When all the water evaporates, we will have only deserts such as Sahara. We were quite surprised to know that Sahara is actually not the largest desert in the world as we had been believing for so long. Antarctica is the biggest desert! National Geographic’s article states that “Antarctica, a polar desert covering 5 million square miles, is the largest desert overall.”

Lake Baikal located in Russia, in Asia, is the deepest lake in the world. The lake is about 1,700 meters deep according to many sources. As per UNESCO, “20% of the world’s total unfrozen freshwater reserve.” Since 1996, it is a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Though these lakes may not be the largest in the world, they are still a great thing. Just imagine humans trying to replicate the nature! Successfully! We did not count the catchment area and rather decided to compare these artificial lakes with the information available on them along with their surface area. These lakes also face problems such as loss of local flora and fauna and population displacement etc. Try to see them while you still can. Read on! Bratsk Reservoir in Russia, Three Gorges Reservoir in China, and Rihand Reservoir in India are some of the Largest Artificial Lakes in Asia.


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