What Are the Largest Bottled Water Companies in the World?


Because the whole pollution thing that is on for a couple of years now, people are trying to hard to reduce all the polluted ingredients they can from their nutrition system. This is why there has been an increase in water bottling industry and, believe it or not, some bottled water companies are gaining much more profit than some food manufacturers. Want to know what the largest bottled water companies in the world are? Stick to us and you will find your answer.

During the period of 15 years, from the year of 2000 to the year of 2015 to be more exact, the recorded increase in bottled water industry was 120%. Due to even bigger increase in 2016 that still hasn’t stopped, it is estimated that, by the year of 2020, the whole bottled water industry is going to be worth around $279,65 on a global level.

Even though many surveys showed that people are not prepared to quit smoking or leave consumption of alcohol behind them yet, there were serious increases in the consumption of healthier food and bottled water recorded in the last couple of years. Just because people are not ready to give up some pleasures, it doesn’t mean that their health awareness is not higher than it used to be. The target market for each bottled water company in the world is usually families with kids since no parent is willing to risk their child getting any infection from the polluted water, which is why there is no price that they won’t pay for bottled water for their children.

The company that embraced this opportunity the most was the Nestle Sa. You might know it as a sweets company since sweets have been their main products for many decades now, to be exact, from 1866, they decided during the second half of the 20th century to widen their horizons a bit and try making on the top of the bottled water industry. Since they already had a hundred year proven brand name, it wasn’t that hard to jump quickly on top. Besides the regular clean water, the company offers to its customers the variety of bottled water products, which gained them the revenue of $7.08 billion back in 2015.

But Nestle is not the only company that increased its value based on the bottled water industry. If you want to see the rest of them, visit Insider Monkey’s website or, more simple, click on 10 largest bottled water companies in the world to see the rest.