What are the largest ethnic groups and nationalities in U.S. besides Americans?


America is well known as the country with the most opportunities for both foreign and American native citizens. It accepts all the people, no matter their race or nationality. The minorities present 37% of the American citizens and among the largest ethnic groups and nationalities in U.S. besides Americans is black and African American population.

On the other hand, there are many rumors that try to decrease the American’s acceptance of the other races. For example, how many times did you hear about the white policeman that has shot the unarmed black men without suffering any consequences? The second thing is, after Trump has been elected as the president of the United States, all the Mexican started living in fear of being deported. This isn’t coincidence since there was the increasing number of immigrants in the past few decades which started decreasing as soon as Trump started his campaign. His speeches during the elections were often related to sexism and racism and contained threats to Mexicans and Muslims. Based on his statements, no minorities can actually feel safe and wanted in this country, especially after his statement about building the wall on the Mexican border.

But still, before Trump came to the throne, America was the dream-come-true and that’s why US Census Bureau had made the projection of non-Hispanic whites would make more than 50% of the US citizens by 2040. If you want to know more about ethnic groups and nationalities in the US besides Americans, check out the 10 largest ethnic groups and nationalities in America that Insider Monkey’s research team prepared for you.