What are the Largest Freshwater Lakes in India?


What are the Largest Freshwater Lakes in India? India has a lot of freshwater lakes. Some of them are quite large and it is more fun than can be expressed in words to jump into one such freshwater lake! Swimming is quite a tough task though it may seem fun watching the others swim like fishes. Pools are a great option in the US and they are free as well. But those places which are on the coast prefer the lakes. India, too, is one such country with a large number of freshwater lakes.

Salt water is too salty for the humans and animals to consume whereas freshwater is a type which is human and animal-friendly. It is easier to float in saltwater though! The water crisis in India makes the freshwater lakes not sufficient enough to support the massive population. Poverty ends up in making decisions that result in unhygienic ideas. Those who do not have access to clear and clean water try to dig their own well. It is not a very hygienic idea. The contaminated water later results in water-borne diseases.

Not all the lakes in India is dirty and unhygienic. There are many freshwater lakes which provide many uses. Some of the Indian freshwater lakes provide water for the Animals sanctuary, tourism, sacred lakes, and even helps in generating hydroelectric power. Due to all the help provided by the lake, the people must take care of them. An uncaring and selfish act can have a disastrous effect on the water supply in India. Along with freshwater lakes, lakes having different compounds are also quite popular in India. We have compiled a list of the biggest natural freshwater lakes and the largest man-made freshwater lakes in India. The size is measured in surface area per square kilometers.

Shivajisagar Lake, Nagarjuna Sagar Lake, and Sardar Sarovar Lake are some of the lakes that feature in this list. Shivajisagar Lake is the largest freshwater lake with 891.7 square meters and a depth of 80 meters and is located in Maharashtra. Nagarjuna Sagar Lake helps in generating hydroelectricity and is an artificial lake. The lake measures 285 square meters and is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Sardar Sarovar Lake is a man-made lake built with the idea of using it for irrigation. It is in Gujarat and measures 375 square meters. There are trekking and boating nearby. Check out the full list of the Largest Freshwater Lakes in India.