So what are the largest grocery store chains in America? Now we can get the answer from Insider Monkey’s article. The global grocery market has grown from simple brick, small shops into huge chains in the last couple of decades. The food retail business has already gone online as well – no one would have imagined that even 20 years ago! But what is true that people do like to buy even food online and home delivery has achieved great success.

There are huge e-commerce stores, like Inc. that have also entered the food business. AmazonFresh has come out with delivering food home within an hour in ten cities in Europe and UK. Amazon Go uses the best shopping technology in the world and it allows the customers to grab and go. All this stimulated the grocery stores in America to get involved as well if they wanted to keep pace with these large online stores. Eating habits have changed a lot nowadays. For many, it is not a daily routine any more to cook but just some nice culinary adventure. Others prefer buying meal kits, while lots of people take care of what they eat; they consume only organic and healthy food.

But there are large numbers of people who do love to go shopping with their family on nice Sunday mornings. Insider Monkey’s list has been inspired from couple of sources, including, Forbes, Wikipedia, and This list contains well-known grocery stores all over America, and the stores were ranked by the number of the groceries they run and operate.

We have picked three stores from the list, E Butt Grocery Company, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM). E Butt Grocery Company was founded in 1905 by the Butt family. Now the company owns more than 350 supermarkets including many gourmet Central Market stores. It employs 80,000 people and the revenue was $23 billion in 2016. Trader Joe’s owns more than 460 stores and sells over 4,000 different products. Whole Foods Market Inc (NASDAQ:WFM) has 462 stores in the U.S, Canada, and UK. It offers more than 30,000 organic stocks keeping units (SKUs). This company started with only one store in Austen.
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