What Are the Least Addictive Drugs?


First of all, we must say that this article isn’t meant to justify using drugs or to claim that the least addictive drug is, the less harmful it is. This article only provides information about what are the least addictive drugs, and nothing more.

The official number of drug users increases every year, not that much because there are more and more drug users every day, but because drug addicts can register in the hospital in order to have some benefits and help when the crisis comes. The biggest number of drug users was always among teenagers since teenage period as this is the period of exploring literarly everything, including sex, drugs, and alcohol. The breaking points are usually stress and depression in both school and home, as well as pressure from society. To be honest, we were all there once and, even though many of us didn’t try some of the drugs, but we  have all sometimes came to the point where people from our surroundings had a great influence on us, making us change our opinion about some topic or our habits from that point on.

Another reason is the pain. Many became addicted because of using pain medications for too long. In order to release the pain after the prescripted medications stopped working for them, they started using stronger drugs that later led to complete addiction. Pain and the career are actually the main reason why the number of drug addicts is the highest among students and young adults.

Besides marijuana as one of the best-known drugs among people, did you know that even Anabolic Steroids that sportsmen take to boost their muscles is also defined as the type of drug? But it is placed at the top of the 10 least addictive drugs according to Insider Monkey, so that isn’t that dangerous like using some other kind of drugs, like heroin etc. So, if you are interested in seeing what other drugs made to the list of 10 least addictive drugs, check that article out and see if there is any other type of drug you will add to this list.