What are the Least Segregated Cities in America?


What are the Least Segregated Cities in America? In America, the legal segregation is not in force at present but still, we find that the some of the cities are still practicing the habit and culture of one being superior over the other which naturally result in crimes that can be seen and felt in the neighborhood on a daily basis.

We feel that one of the main issues America is facing now is that of hate crimes due to racism involving the blacks and white, the Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and other races. We collected the data from the Priceonomics from the American Community Service which helped us to prepare an objective picture of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index in this case. The result which falls below 1 is considered as successful. It means they have an element of diversity. The list has been compiled with the help from the Wired website. The preparation of the lists was not an easy task as there was no specific information about the neighborhoods residing in big cities but we have managed to present the demographic pattern in preparing the city data.

City-Data also helped us with demographic information.
The process of segregation was complex in nature which demands our attention. The present day situation is completely the handiwork of people. History is to be blamed for this. Even in this grim situation, we still find examples of positive approaches to the problem. This forced us to prepare the list of 10 segregated cities in America which will enrich your knowledge and we hope you will give your much-needed attention to it.

Fort Worth in Texas, Sacramento in California, and San Jose in California are some of the Least Segregated Cities in America. Sacramento has just 43% of the white population and the others are made up of Black, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, and people from other races. San Jose has about 42.8% of the white population. There is no major race in these cities. Fort Worth in Texas has got a great reputation of no neighborhood racial issues even though the majority of the population is white, nearly 75.3%. Oklahoma City in Oklahoma is a very friendly city with less racism. Though there are 62.7% of white population, the environment is friendly for all the people. Check out the rest of the Least Segregated Cities in America.