If you were wondering what are the longest applauses of all time, Insider Monkey has your answer.

While people want to show approval of something, affirmation as well as admiration, they are using different forms to express it, but the most common is clapping, similar to how the ancient Romans were doing it. There was a different kind of encouraging forms in the past, and they were used in Christianity as well. There is also a ‘golf clap’, and it represents silent clapping in order not to disturb the players.

You are familiar with the one-minute silent form of showing respect to the deceased, and you should know that this form, at least in Britain is replaced with one-minute applause.

The clapping isn’t always showing respect, sometimes people are doing it because they see other people clapping and they just go with the flow. While Insider Monkey was searching for the longest applauses of all times, they saw a lot of long, loud and worth mentioning applauses, but there were also just formal applauses where people clapped their hands just because other people were doing it. Charlie Chaplin – Hollywood Revisited and Fahrenheit 9/11 – 2004 Cannes Film  Festival received one of the longest applauses, and you should definitely hear them.

Anyhow, Insider Monkey already created the list of 6 longest applauses of all time, and you should definitely watch every single one of them in order to find out why they were the longest in the history.