People nowadays became real internet junkies, which is why there were many rehab clinics for the Internet addiction opened in the last couple of years. Speaking of it, do you know what the most addictive websites in the world are?
Let’s take Facebook as an example. The platform was created in a dorm room with the intention to connect all the students around the campus. This way, they could meet each other better, share some private events, and share some knowledge and subject and learning secrets with each other. But the universe had different plans for it. Soon, the platform became known worldwide, which is why the owner needed to make some improvements. Besides chatting and posting pictures, you can nowadays play games, make private groups, start fundraising, plan some events, and even have a voice and video calls with people worldwide. The best thing about Facebook is that it can connect you with people of all ages and nationalities who share similar interests with you and help you gain some new friendships.
Facebook Inc has about 1.8 billion active monthly users, and not to mention the ones that don’t have the internet access or the families that use one account for several family members. Although this is the great way to stay in touch with people because of all the duties you have during the day, this is also the way you can waste your precious daily time. The daily routine of about half or even more Facebook users usually starts with entering some of the Facebook apps, whether is their phone, or PC browser app. They usually open the apps about 4 more times per a day, if not more and end up going to bed with their app on. This is said to be the most addictive social network out there, and not to mention their user database if we count all the other apps that Facebook acquired.
Unfortunately, Facebook is not the only website that tears our life apart, threatening to take over every aspect of our life. To see which other websites you need to pay attention to when using them, check out Insider Monkey’s research material and find out what are 20 most visited websites in the world.