What are the most affordable places to visit in England that are also beautiful?


England is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, but have you ever thought about what are the most affordable places to visit in England that are also beautiful? The choice is really hard, but we will single out the most beautiful and also the most affordable places.

These cities and towns will be equally as amazing as they are budget-friendly. Liverpool is one of them. A popular city break destination in itself with its Beatles heritage and maritime attractions. Not only can you sit back with a beer and watch a great game, but they will be the most budget-friendly spot to grab some good grub. Did you hear about Dorset. The shoreline is a great spot to go for a free chill out spot and it will provide you many photo opportunities. If you think about England, the firs association is the rain and horrible weather. England has been stereotyped as being cold, grey and rainy. But this is not an entirely accurate. Temperatures rarely get very cold or very hot, and while the country certainly gets rain, It’s really not as wet as rumor has it. London alone has lower annual rainfall than Paris or New York for example. Northern and western parts are usually wetter than the rest of England due to the prevailing wind from the north west bringing down cold moist air from the North Atlantic, and the sunniest and warmest areas are in the far south and south east. Hot spells of weather can occur from May to September where temperatures may reach 30°C. If you like hiking, England has many places for walking in the country. Also England has some spectacular natural beaches. English cuisine and the food is very tasty! England has traditional dishes famous the world over from Beef Wellington and Steak and Kidney Pie. Pubs are a good place to get reasonably priced food. Pub food has become quite sophisticated in recent years and as well as serving the more traditional hearty English fare and more exotic dishes.

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