What Are the Most Affordable Small Cities in USA?


I thought I couldn’t live anywhere far away from the town square, as I was used to the crowd and rush hours but as soon as I got a son and moved in the downtown street with a backyard and 4 houses in the whole street, I realized that all of this time I was just looking for a peace. Since I never had a chance to experience the life without the whole-day noise, I couldn’t see what I was missing the whole time. I thought that my friends who lived in surroundings like this didn’t know better, or were just comforting themselves, but it turned out that I was the one who got it wrong. If you had an opinion like me, I would recommend you to check the most affordable small cities in the USA, just in case you realize you need some change in your life.

The number one benefit of living in a small city is, of course, the low price. From the rent, over goods, to institutions, everything is a lot cheaper than in big cities. Looking at numbers like this, household incomes become bigger as there is more money left for you to save for the tough days. Yes, incomes are maybe lower than in big cities such as New York, but when the prices are low like in smaller cities, there is no need for you to hit your head against the wall because of the money as there will always be enough cash for you to afford vacations wherever you feel like going. Another benefit of living in a small city is the population. While there is the slightest chance that you will meet the same person twice in one week if living in a big city, small cities give you the opportunity to find out the whole family tree of your neighbor and every other people in the city since there are not that many people out there. This fact is not used in the context of gossiping or anything else but the safety, which is highly required especially for the people raising a family. When you let your child out on the street, you want to know whom should you be afraid of and whom should you trust your kids with.

If you are looking forward to planning a family, I recommend you some of the 16 up and coming affordable small cities to live in the USA Insider Monkey prepared for you.