What are the most annoying business phrases and buzzwords?


What are the most annoying business phrases and buzzwords? We can agree that almost any job is stressful, doesn’t matter if it’s the one on the field or the one in the office. If you put a group of different people in a room, there will be disagreements and that is why everybody is trying to be professional and tolerant to their work colleagues. Of course, this brings a pressure in a work environment where you cannot act causally as you are with your friends and families. If you are having a bad day anything can drive you out of balance. But what about the little things that drive you mad even when you are having a good day. You can say that the behavior of your colleagues and/or superior falls into that category. Besides body language, in every business environment, there are little phrases and buzzwords that annoy everybody or just you as an individual. Hearing them can really distract you and ruin your whole day.

Of course everybody is trying to create a new phrase that has not been used yet, but those often come out as sexist, racist or stupid and they end up insulting people like when CEO says that he/she will send their SWAT team, which can be insulting to the real SWAT members and even the team itself because they are very well aware that they are not part of the SWAT team and their job is not as important. Why a salesman can’t just be a salesman? But not everything is so simple.

That is why Insider Monkey did the research of 16 Most Annoying Business Phrases and Buzzwords. The list starts with Core Competency phrase which is used to describe a strong point of a company or of an individual. But the problem is that isn’t what competency means and it is pretty clear why does it bother people so much. You should check the rest of this list and see if you can find what phrase or buzzword drives you mad at your workplace.