What are the most annoying YouTube videos ever?


You can watch many different kinds of videos on YouTube, but have you ever thought about what are the most annoying YouTube videos ever? There’s probably not a single person in the world that could safely sit through the full length of our list of the most annoying YouTube videos ever and live to –sanely- tell the tale.

If you decide to watch The most Annoying song in the world, you will probably be upset! It is one very popular song. The whole thing was uploaded in September 2007, so in less than a year it’ll be turning 10, but here’s the funny thing: this bag of shenanigans predicted what music would sound like today! If you type in the research box My name is Boxxy on YouTube channel, you will be surprised. Not only does Boxxy seem incapable of blurting out a sentence without interrupting it with a million “uhm”s, but also her exceedingly excited attitude makes her speech incomprehensible. Or for example, if you type Head on! Apply directly to the forehead! At first glance, this short piece of film is as unnerving as it is perplexing because one is confused and astounded by how insulting to the viewer’s intelligence the marketing strategy is. Why are some videos so annoying to other people, nobody knows. But the fact is that these boring videos have so many viewers, some of them millions of viewers. Do you remember famous song released a couple of years ago, that became one of the most popular songs on the planet! There was no person in the world that didn’t know sound and the melody of that song. The fact is that people like to watch annoying videos. People like to criticize other people, leave negative comments under some video, and often to argue with other people. Annoying videos are the one that has the most comments of all videos, and they usually have lots of viewers.

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