What are the most bizarre brand extensions you ever heard about? Usually, when the brand becomes known worldwide and starts earning big amounts of money, many founders start being greedy and try to find some innovations due to their product in order to gain more wealth. It usually makes sense, if all the parts of it are closely considered and especially if its in their area of industry.

For example, the brand of a good shampoo can extend their product offer by adding some different aromas or different hair products. Someone of the ones that were delighted by the initiative product were certainly buy it because of the good quality of the previous one. The same thing is with perfumes. If the perfume smells good and stays long, why wouldn’t anyone try the new one of the same brand, but with a bit different aroma?

But, when it comes to extensions, there are several companies that took a bigger risk and tried to spread their wings a little bit too much and a little bit too fast. Like the zippo perfume designed as a lighter. Is there anyone could explain the link between those two products? For some companies like, obviously zippo, the link between the products doesn’t matter. Sure, there will be someone who will be willing to try this new product, just because of its name, but that wouldn’t last long. Since it’s not their area of expertise, how good could the engineers from zippo be good?

The other thing that can happen, besides population refusing the extension, is that the initial product loses its value. Who would like to use a product and give a lot of money for it if their own creators don’t take them for serious? Also, the brand can be misunderstood if someone never took the initial product and just took the new one which isn’t good enough to make them give more money for the more quality.

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