Are you screaming like a little girl every time you run into a snake? Is it because they are creepy enough or because you have no idea if they are venomous or not? And now imagine living in Australia, which is the country with the most venomous snakes in the world and having to open your windows every day and walk on the streets even though you know there are high chances that you will run into some of them. Let us make it easier for you just a bit because we were able to track down what the most dangerous snakes in Australia are.

Australia is the homeland of about 270 known snakes’ species and more than 2/3 of them are venomous. Fortunately for you, each of these 140 venomous species is choosing specific regions to live in, which makes it easier for you to know what to be afraid of. There is one problem though. Some of the venomous species change the amount of poison during the years, which means that you can’t be sure how dangerous they are unless you know how old they are. It is a bit tricky, but we believe that you can handle it.

And how can you know how dangerous some specie is? To be honest, the only way you can be sure about it is to believe our team. But don’t worry, the list they made wasn’t compiled by accident, but on real scientific research. We will walk you through it. Although the experiments are previously done on mice, they have the same effect on humans. Even though our whole system and bacteria that are supposed to defend our body from poison is not the same, the LD50 value always remains the same. And what is the LD50 value? That is a scientific form that we won’t bother you with and the only thing you should know in order to figure out the whole form of our research is that it shows how many milligrams of snake’s poison is enough to kill someone. This means the less the LD50 value is, the stronger poison is, and therefore, the more dangerous the snake is.

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