What are the Most Ethical Companies In The US?


What are the Most Ethical Companies In The US? Ethics is a set of moral ideas and principles according to which people to lead their lives. It tells us what is defined as right and wrong and the set of rules that prescribes our actions. It usually is in terms of obligations, duty, and good towards the society. Companies which follow ethical policies conduct their business in a specific manner do as to not cause any damage or danger to the environment, or to exploit their customers or employees.

The ethical companies in America are popular for encouraging high business standards. These help the employees to take a better decision, thus helping the company to move forward. Good ethical behavior includes a transparent system of business, a high code of conduct, and accepting and working on social responsibilities as a corporate.
As per a research paper published in International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, the importance of having good ethics is both amazing and universal. More and more companies are incorporating ethical policies and behavior to avoid getting into trouble or lawsuits. The system of free trade and Globalisation has further made the concept of ethical behavior more important. Ethisphere Institute is a company that ranks firms based on their ethical behavior every year. They use five factors to rate the companies. Ethics and compliance program have a weight of 35%, the culture of ethics with 20%, corporate citizenship and responsibility with 20%, leadership, innovation and reputation with 10%, and governance with 15%. They are ranked according to their market capitalization values. All of the companies listed here are recognized by Ethisphere Institute as ethical companies.

Microsoft Corporation, General Electronics, and Starbucks Corporation are some of the most ethical companies in the United States. The market value of Starbucks Corporation is $84.77 billion. They’ve been on this list for over ten years now. They are also among the list of the Most Admired Companies in the U.S., the list of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, the list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, and the list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. Microsoft is worth $499 billion. They apply ethics when dealing with government officials, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. They also conducted internal audits to make sure there is no unethical behavior. General Electronics is worth $262 billion and has appeared in the list of ethical companies for over a decade now. Their open reporting atmosphere helps the associates to raise any concerns. You can check out the entire of list of the Most Ethical Companies In The US.