What are the most expensive Chinese artists in 2015?


Chinese have a very long and rich history, but have you ever thought about what are the most expensive Chinese artists in 2015? Even though the United States hold the 1st spot as the largest market for the sale of fine art by value,Chinese hold the 2nd position.

Did you hear about Shen Yaoyi? Shen Yaoyi is a female artist that was born in Shanghai in 1943 and he’s known for having broken many records in sales. One of the most famous artists from China is definitely Yue Minjun. He is well known for his specific style in art. His famous work of art dating back to 1993. was sold for more than 6 million dollars, exactly $6,932,517. Chinese art is very old art. Chinese art has arguably the oldest continuous tradition in the world, and is marked by an unusual degree of continuity within and consciousness of that tradition. Much of the best work in ceramics, textiles and other techniques was produced over a long period by the various Imperial factories or workshops. After contact with Western art became increasingly important from the 19th century onwards, in recent decades China has participated with increasing success in worldwide contemporary art. Literature and poetry indicate that the walls of palaces, mansions, and ancestral halls of the Han dynasty were plastered and painted. Over the years Chinese art changed a lot. Painting in China, as with all the arts of China since 1912, has reflected the effects of modernization, the impact of Western art, and the political, military, and economic struggles. The market for Chinese art is widely reported to be among the hottest and fastest-growing in the world, attracting buyers all over the world. In the middle of 20th century, young Chinese artists were attracted not just to Japan but also to Paris and German art centers. According to statistic from 2011. China has become the world’s second biggest market for art and antiques. Chinese art became very popular.

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