Cruises are big and beautiful, but have you ever thought about what are the most expensive cruises in the world?
Do you know how big actually they are and how much they cost?

Everybody knows about Titanic, the first made luxury cruise ship in the world. Past hundred years, cruise ships became bigger, more expensive and started to accommodate more and more people. One of the “cheapest” cruise ships costs around 500 million dollars and it can accommodate about 3.000 people. Just imagine that number of 3.000 people is like some small village. How big is that. The name of that cruise ship is Carnival Liberty. Another beauty of the sea, MS Freedom Of The Seas, costs a little bit more and it can accommodate more people than the first one. Bigger cruise ships, more people and more luxury.
Cruise ships are like some small towns. Contemporary cruise ships have everything that you need. They have pools with regular and sea water, golf courses, open and closed bars, luxury restaurants, tennis courts, shopping malls, gyms and even parks.
The cost of making cruise ships are very high and we are talking about million of dollars.
When you are on the cruise ship you have it all. You don’t need to get on the coast at all. If you want to shop, or play football or tennis, you want to swim in sea water, drink cocktails all day long, you can do it.
First cruise ships were made at the end of the 19th century and most of them were made of steel. They could accommodate only about 200-300 passengers. The Titanic was the first one that had dinned rooms and luxury services, actually it was the first luxury cruise, forerunner of contemporary cruises.

Today one of the most popular cruising tour is the Caribbean cruising industry and one of the largest in the world and more than 45.000 people from the Caribbean are employed in the cruise industry.

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