European countries made a great deal a few years ago. Instead of changing your money every time you travel across or order something from another country, you have the unique currency recognizable and highly used in every European country, the Euro. This unique currency is a bit more expensive in some countries, but the price is made due to the living standard and the country’s wealth. But for average €1 in almost every country, you will have enough money for two bagels. But what about the other countries where every currency has the different value? What are the most expensive currencies in the world and what can you buy for it?

Of course, when you live in a country that has more expensive currency, you have a certain advantage over some other countries that uses cheaper currency. Just for the comparison, we will take the dollar as the unique currency and for the amount, we will take 1. Since the dollar is used in every state of America, it is one of the most spread currency in the world, but still not on top of the most expensive currencies. It is not much, but even euro is for 0.04 more expensive than a dollar. And even the Britain, that has the lower standard of living and is not as wealthy as the US has the stronger currency. One British pound is equal to $1,20.

And what are the benefits of more expensive currencies? First of all, you can travel whenever you want without spending lot of money for the trip, going out in another country, goods etc. Even though you may belong to a lower class in your country, you can be considered as one of the richest people in some other country at that moment. When people from Bahrain (1 BHD= 2,65 USD) go to Netherlands, they would spend a lot less money than they would spend if they stayed home. Having that said, it is obvious that people from Netherlands would probably spend their one-month salary if they would go to America for 10 days.

If you are about to move to another country, or just travel a bit,  you should check 10 most expensive currencies in the world, just as some initial guidelines.