What are the most expensive dog breeds to maintain? According to the studies of the ASPCA, the dog ownership cost in the USA is about $1,000.

Such expenses include spaying or neutering ($200), training ($110), food ($120), initial medical exam ($70), annual medical exams ($235), pet health insurance ($225) and there are a lot more annual and one-time pet expenses. So actually costs can be categorised into three categories – food, medical and grooming. Price label varies from breed to breed of course. You might think that size matters in the subject of the maintain price, but it’s not always true. For example, the first place in the list takes the dog with an average weight of 16-30kg (35-66 pounds), and the dog with a weight of 1-3 kg won the third place in the ranking. But if to look through the list there are five large dogs, four medium dogs and two small dogs.

Most of the young couples do not think about this numbers when it comes to bringing a dog or a cat to a family because of the joy it will bring to the house. By the way, talking about the houses. Young families are starting their co-residence in the rent apartments, and I think everybody knows how hard it could be to find a proper apartment that owner will rent you if you have a pet, especially a dog. Even if you found one, how much would it cost you to make visible repairs if you’d decide to move out?

In Insider Monkey’s you will learn what are the most expensive dog breed to maintain. To make that list they analysed information about 42 different breeds. In the ranking, you may find 11 dog breeds with all the relevant information like size, age, an average price for a puppy, first-year cost and annual cost.

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