What are the most expensive domain names of all time?


Did you ever think about what are the most expensive domain names of all time? Why companies give such an easy type of names to their domains?

When we say beer we all know how popular that drink is. But did you know that beer.com was bought for 7 million dollars! Just when you use the main noun and want to make some domain, you are going to pay a lot of money to use it. That is probably because many world wide popular companies already bought the names and use it to be singled out from the crowd and it very easy for people to remember it.
For example, you want to buy and try to find some beautiful diamond. When you write diamond on Google, the first domain that will show is diamond.com. It is because it is very simple to use it and you can remember it very easy. If you want to buy that domain name, well that is going to be difficult and you will have to pay millions of dollars just to use it. That is the thing with domain names. If you want people to remember you, then you have to pay a lot of money for a simple, memorable domain name.
More than 75 percent of people around the world are looking for a job or a ways how to increase their business. If you want all the information about business, when you write business it is going to pop up business.com one of the most wanted domain names of all.
The key with domain names is to pick one very simple and easy to remember and when you hear yourself or someone else say it, does it sound like a brand. You will want something very unique and short. Fascinating is the amount of money that is paid for domain names. Companies all over the world actually pay a million of dollars just to have simple and remarkable name for their product and patent.

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