What are the most expensive video games ever made?


We all play video games, but did you ever think about what are the most expensive video games ever made?
The cost of the making just one video game is really big, money is the most important thing for making them. Now let’s see the list.

10-Disney Infinity-The Interesting thing about this game is that you can play in your own creation. It cost a little bit more than other games, but the cost of Disney Infinity is 101 million dollars!
9- Red Dead Redemption- If you want to see how would your life looks like if you live in the Wild West you should play this game definitely! The cost of making it is 108 million dollars.
8-Max Payne 3- It was the hardest way to improve and rebooting this game, it took a lot of time. The cost of Max Payne 3 is over the 100 million dollars, almost as the cost of Red Dead Redemption.
7- Too Human- One of the most difficult games to make, it took almost 10 years to make it! That is the reason why is not so much popular. Cost is 110 million dollars.
6- rand Theft Auto IV- Really popular video games, it received a lot’s of awards. The cost of making it is about as well as others, around 110 million dollars.
5- Destiny- One of the most interesting video games, especially for fans of science fiction world. It has very good positive reviews, and the cost a bigger bit higher of the previous, 140 million dollars.
4- Star Wars: The Old Republic- Who doesn’t remember famous film series Star Wars! Believe or not, it is free to play, but very interesting game. The cost of making it is high 210 million dollars.
3- Final Fantasy VII- This game is on the top of the list in popularity. It was made at the end of the 20th century and it cost 213 million dollars.
2- Grand Theft Auto V- This game improves his graphics, there are more features, thus the cost is bigger over 250 million dollars, exactly 268 million dollars!
1-Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- This game is on the top of the list because of its cost. The cost of making the game now would be about 275 million dollars! It is really popular video game.

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