What Are the Most Gay Friendly Nations?


We are all aware of the amount of stress and hate the members of the LGBT community are facing everywhere and every day, but, there are people very open-minded towards their sexual orientation. And what are the most gay friendly nations?
Being gay has been a tabby topic for centuries and it isn’t a surprise that gay people are still on the target of homophobic people. There are many reasons why the people are against the LGBT community, and no matter how some of them are reasonable and logical, there are many also delusional.
Many of these people claim that they are against the LGBT community because of the religious reasons. But to be fair, doesn’t the Bible teaches us to accept all the people, no matter how different they are and that we are all God’s creatures and are not supposed to hate each other.
On the other hand, there are people calling the same-gender sexual orientation the life-threatening and contagious disease. Just to make clear: you can’t become gay after someone coughs at you. If you really become attracted to them after that, it can only mean that you have been gay your whole life, but couldn’t admit it to yourself until now. And, according to many researchers, this kind of homophobic people are proven to be gay, but too afraid to admit it.
On the other hand, there are people who don’t care what are the members of the LGBT community doing behind the closed door, but are against their public revelations and the exposure of their relationship. This actually makes some sense and it is embarrassing even for the straight people to show their emotions in particular situations and places. Even for the younger, first-time-in-love people, holding hands in public is one thing. But it is completely different thing when they start touching each other in inappropriate way on a children’s playground.
There is one more thing, gay people would be much more accepted and respected, if they didn’t make parades. I get their point, but this way, they are only irritating the wound. If they are allowed to do whatever they want behind the closed door, why would they make the government close the whole streets, waving with the torches and flags, hiring the national television to record every step they make and make the fiesta out of it. I believe that this is the biggest reason they are tortured this much. To be honest, bullies will find any reason just to torcher people and by making this kind of events, the members of the LGBT community are making themselves the moving targets.
But there are 16 most gay-friendly countries in the world that don’t need any kind of advertisement and allow to all of their citizens to live normal life, with all the rights straight people have. So let’s discover their secret.


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