So what are the most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved? Almost everybody has written about these issues and problems, so you may not find any new information about them. But they have solutions! Now you can get to know the solutions for these problems from Insider Monkey’s article that published recently.

In order to give the correct answers Insider Monkey referred to articles by University of Missouri, and Cmc, which discussed American values. Then they searched on Google by typing in “insert problem or issues” in America. The first ten search results gave them the scores.

Insider Monkey article doesn’t intend to bash Americans or their country. Actually in fact, we can almost say America is great because we have these problems. They’re pretty much all first world ones. But keep in mind that Google doesn’t know everything. There are many underlying issues that haven’t been written about yet, or at least bumped to the top of the search engine. These solutions we can read in Insider Monkey’s article may seem to be easy, but as a matter of fact it is much easies said than done. Lots of citizens struggle with these issues or problems, but if we want to overcome, we can. it’s a good chance for us now to see what the problems are, and try to fight against them. We can do it, if we really want to.

We have picked three issues from Insider Monkey’s list: comparison, bad posture, and impatience. What is the solution for comparison? It seems to be too simple: stop comparing. Americans continually compare themselves to others: they want to be the richest, skinniest, smartest and so on. But there is point in doing that. It can lead to unnecessary contest, and if someone feels to have lost, he/she will be frustrated. The second one is bad posture? What is the solution? Straighten your back. a big problem not only in the U.S. but everywhere in the world. Bad posture causes neck problems, breathing problems, but these problems are just the physical ones. Otherwise it means that you spend too much time with leaning over your smartphone, or you are a coach potato. At last but not least we mention impatience for now: its solution is that you should hold your horses. American people want everything right that moment they find out something. (Just think of clickbait media, junk food, Disney fastpass.) People must study to be patient, not only with their environment, but with themselves, too.
If you would like to read more interesting facts, you should read the article about the most important issues and problems facing America that can be solved.


I am from Hungary, Europe. I graduated as a theologian, and social pedagogue.