What Are the Most Influenced Companies in the US?


With all the money they earn annually, great incorporations have the benefit of serving their country by influencing the society on so many levels. Engaging in activities that benefit society brings them both respect and improvement of society. The most influenced companies in the US are Intel, Rolex, Rolls Roys, Apple, Daimler, Lego, BMW, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft Corporation, and Alphabet.

Besides charities, these companies invest in various projects and non-profit organization for which their employees also volunteer. Besides that, their area of expertise allows them to be involved even through their inventions. Microsoft Corporation, for example, launched Office  365 for non-profit organizations in 92 different countries all around the world.  Besides that, the company influenced programs like Youth Spark and Employee Giving Campaign.

These companies are also focused on the environment and natural disasters. The Walt Disney Company planted three million trees in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, protected 40,000 acres if coral reef in the Bahamas and conserved 50,000 acres if savanna wildlife corridors in Africa, and established ‘’The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund’’ in 1995. They also have arranged Animals, Science, and Environment team through which people can connect with nature and animals.

They are also involved in helping the citizens and increasing the number of employees as well as helping individuals to use their talent. The worldwide known Swiss watchmaker company is discovering talented individuals for The Rolex Awards for Enterprise that brings winner 100,000 Swiss francs, access to its network and international publicity for pioneering work in the environmental, applied science and technology of exploration in over 190 countries worldwide.

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