What Are The Most Interesting Companies in The World Like Amazon.com?


What actually makes some company more interesting than another? Sometimes it’s the unique and well-designed product that caught your eye and you basically became obsessed? Or is it the founder or maybe some famous person consuming or advertising it? Giving the circumstances, the most interesting companies of our time are definitely technology companies, since we live in that kind of world, where things like mobile phones, computers, and other equipment became more important to us then some furniture or pharmaceutical products. Besides the IT companies, people became obsessed with spending hours in front of their computer scrolling through sites such as Amazon.com which is developed as a selling site where you can find and purchase everything you can think off.

If you think 10 different people on the street, no matter their ages, gender or nationality, what are the most interesting companies in the world in their opinion, you can be sure that they will come up with 10 different lists that have nothing to do with each other. On the other hand, there are some companies which have to be mentioned in every list like this and those are Amazon.com, Facebook Inc, and Apple Inc. So how to make the unique list of the 10 most interesting companies in the world? Well, there is no way. The only thing you can do is to create your own list and compare it to the list of others. This way, you can change your list in case that you have forgotten about some important company in the moment, but this doesn’t mean that these 2 lists would match completely. That’s why our research team made their list of 10 most interesting companies in the world which was partially inspired by Jonathan Goldsmith and partially based on the personal opinion and includes also the non-tech companies such as the gene sequencing firm Illumina Inc, Editas Medicine Inc that works on editing genomes in order to find cures for more than 6,000 diseases, and Alcor which is specialized for freezing people’s remains after they die with the possibility of bringing them back to life some day. So check out our list and see if there are some matches with yours.