What Are the Most Mysterious Places in the World?


Mother Earth is such an incredible and miraculous place. Her laws are unspeakable and inspiring and her journey that we are aware of so far was so beautiful and diverse. But she still hides some secrets under her cushion and gave us only the parts of the clue to figure it out on our own. If you are on for some travel, you might want to figure out what are the most mysterious places in the world and try to uncover those secrets by yourself.
Since the beginning of the human history, people tried to explain the things they spotted around them. Since neither science nor education was available for the ancient civilization, people from that time all of these things brought up to messing with some higher forces. Christians had God, Muslims had Allah, Greeks, on the other hand, had all bunches of different Gods, each of them specified in some area. They had the main or chief God, Goddess of beauty, Goddess of fertility, God of sea, God of underground et cetera.  After a while, atheists and science laics started with their own UFO conspiracy theories about these uncertain and unusual things happening around them. But, basically, both ancient believers and the new age conspiracy theorists are referring all the things they can’t explain to miracles.
For at least 4,000 years there are bunch of large stones standing upside on their own. They are perfectly shaped and formatted and they resemble all the nature disasters for couple of millennia. Many researchers tried to uncover the secret of the Stonehenge, but all of them failed until the further notice. There is also an Easter Island that has statues that practically look like men growing out of the ground. Some explorers claim that these are remains of the ancient statues that were covered in ground for years and they contain the whole bodies underneath the ground.
Although we mention journeys and places you can visit, we must mention the one place you should avoid as much as you can. The Bermuda or Devil’s triangle, which is placed somewhere between San Juan, Florida and Bermuda. These references are not that precise, so don’t be afraid and walk away if you are given the opportunity to travel to one of these places. But be careful not to go between them. For some unknown reason, every boat that flows through and every plane that flies above this area mysteriously disappears from all the radars and all the passengers remain dead.
Since this article wasn’t meant to scare you and keep you inside the border try unrevealing some of the 11 weird and mysterious places in the world. Who knows, maybe some of them intrigues enough after all.