What are the most open minded countries in the world?


Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, but have you ever thought about what are the most open minded countries in the world? For example, Thailand accept transgender people but the government doesn’t allow people to change their legal documents.

The very important question is what does it mean the term open minded country? For example, open minded people have views but know that their views do not have to be held by everyone. Open mindedness is receptiveness to new ideas. Open minded countries are hard to define. The most successful countries in the world are those with open-minded people who accept innovation. In general though, the West is more liberal as compared to the Asian countries. But, this may not be true. Italy is an open minded country with very sociable people. It is easy for people to just be themselves, which may appear as rude to unsuspecting travelers. The mixture of modern technology and rich Japanese history is simply marvelous. This is one of the most open minded countries in the world and also one of the most advanced countries with perfect facilities. Personal freedom is very important. In some countries freedom is bigger than in others. One of the most important thing that can define open minded countries is related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Right to respect for private life and the right not to be discriminated. Government recognition of same-sex relationships, LGBT adoption, sexual orientation and military service indicates an open minded country. Open minded countries define that diversity must be accepted by society and the law. If it’s accepted by these two very important factors, then it is considered that some country is open minded type of country. If human rights are recognized by the majority of the members of a nation, it means that the acceptance of new ideas is entirely subordinated to the citizens.

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