What are the most popular country songs of all time?


Country music makes for a genre with a glorious history, but have you ever thought about what are the most popular country songs of all time? After reading this text, you will probably wish to dance!

Is a genre of the United States popular music that originated in the southern United States in the 1920s. One of the most popular country songs comes from the most famous musician of today, Love Story by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift might just be the biggest discovery of country pop even though she is now one of the big names in mainstream pop. Another very famous musician is Johnny Cash. Arguably Johnny Cash is one of the greatest country artists of all time and Ring of Fire is the biggest hit ever by him. Country music has a absorbing history. The origins of country music are the folk music of working-class Americans, who blended favorite songs. The first generation emerged in the early 1920s, with Atlanta’s music scene playing a significant role in launching country’s earliest recording artists. Country music became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. Country rock is a genre that started in the 1960s but became prominent in the 1970s. The late 1960s in American music produced a unique blend as a result of traditionalist backlash within separate genres. Australian country music is very popular in the world and it has a long tradition, influenced by American country music. By the 1990s, country music had attained crossover success in the pop charts. Country music is popular in the UK, although somewhat less so than in other English-speaking countries. From within the UK, few country musicians achieved widespread mainstream success. In Brazil, a musical genre known as música sertaneja, a very popular style of music in Brazil, is very similar to American country music, sharing the music’s rich history of development in the countryside.

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