What Are the Most Popular Facebook Groups in 2017?


What are the most popular Facebook groups in 2017? Were they the ones that talked about celebrities? Or maybe the ones that talked about cars? Or maybe even the ones collecting money for charities? If you are interested in knowing, stick with us while we find out this information for you.

If you want to guess by yourself, just a little hint: forget the charities! Although we all talk about helping other people, both financially and physically, most of us just sit back and still just think about it and not moving a finger. Why do we do it? Well, because we have our own things and obligations and no one is helping us. In our opinion, the government is the one that should take care of all of it. Still, we talk that we want to help. But how many pages are we visiting about this topic? Mostly none.

But when it comes to checking out celebrity’s way of life, what they eat, where their next concert is, what did they wear the other day, and who are they involved with lately. So, when Insider Monkey’s research team tried to compile a list of biggest Facebook groups, the only names that came out were names of singers, actors, and football clubs.

You think it is ridiculous? Well, to be honest, we do too. But the numbers don’t lie, at least not in this case. So when they started their research, they looked at the pages that had the biggest number of fans. Check it out. We really compiled a list of 16 biggest Facebook groups in 2017 only of celebrities, and, of course, two Facebook groups about Facebook. I mean, it is the Facebook, so Facebook has to be the first.