What are the most popular Facebook groups in India?


So what are the most popular Facebook groups in India? Are you on Facebook? Do you like it? As for me I really love Facebook, I check it couple of times every day, and my mobile sends me notifications if there is interesting news on Facebook. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great information about the most popular Facebook groups in India.

Groups are usually created for people who have lots of things in common, for example they love travelling, and knitting or they are all interested in buying things on eBay. These groups bring people closer to each other, and members can share their thoughts about the topic or they can ask for help. For instance I have a group for those who have special dogs like me, and we have a very good community, I organize trips where we all go and enjoy ourselves. In India many groups are formed because the aim of possessing the largest number of members, and these groups, without any special common interest or purpose. It is very interesting to take a look at these groups. Facebook reported possessing 80 million Indian users per month in November, 2016. There are surveys that show more than 60/ of Indian users spend 30% of their time on Facebook, even if they work. The average person spends about an hour on Facebook every day. Today children are on Facebook, too which can have some dangers as well. For example they don’t spend the necessary time with learning, or even during learning they think of Facebook news, and they don’t pay attention to the subject they are learning.

Insider Monkey consulted some surveys to find out what the most popular Facebook groups are in India. Now we have picked three groups from their list: Kai Thari, Digital Media: Jobs, Internship and Freelance Projects; and Journalists & PR. Kai Thari means “handloom” in the Tamil language. This group is for those who love handloom, particularly ‘sarees’. There are 8,990 members in Kai Thari, and they discuss and promote various types of handlooms available in the past through the present day. Digital Media: Jobs, Internships and Freelance Projects has 11,000 members, and it is for those who look for freelance projects, , internships, and free resources and jobs in the domain of Digital and Print Media. With its number of members it falls under the category of buy and sell Facebook. At last but not least we chose Journalists & PR, it has 12,000 members and it is for Indian journalists, PR reps and bloggers, where they can discuss matters.
For more interesting groups, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the most popular Facebook groups in India.