What are the most popular plastic surgeries?


Every now and then you hear that some celebrity you admired for their good looks actually had plastic surgery and this practice becomes more and more popular every day. Like the tons of makeup and accessories weren’t enough, people started going under the knife to improve the flaws on their body or even get a complete makeover. And why is that? Because big companies and fashion industries made us believe that the inner beauty became irrelevant and that only matters what people see.

From ancient time, people, both men and women, made great efforts to stand out of the crowd with the best-looking jewelry and makeup, but it was only the privilege of royals and rich people. As soon as the jewelry became cheaper, more people of both gender started wearing them. The small amount of makeup on big events was completely acceptable, but as the time passed, more and more women became that obsessed with makeup, that there are dozens of cases of women who didn’t even go to the store without any makeup. 15-years-old girls started looking as the 30-years-old women, and 25-years-old girls became unrecognizable.

But, what about the older women? Because too much makeup made them look either uglier or plastic, they decided that the best solution was cutting the fat and extra skin and use botox and facelifts. After a while, younger women also found the way to take advantage of plastic surgeons by improving their body parts they thought were too small. They started putting silicone wherever they could, starting from the breasts, over legs, bottoms, mouth and chick bones. And men are not that behind.  They all make such a big effort of making themselves looking different they already are that there are several cases of living Ken and Barbies.

For the number of plastic surgeries, South Korea is number one. Even though other nations barely see the difference between them, they still see the flaw in their looks and here are 10 plastic surgeries Insider Monkey found most popular among the people from South Korea.