Conspiracy theories and the stories about aliens and UFOs flying over the sky even during the day have been the main topics for more than one century. Since those were one of those things that still couldn’t be explained with any scientific proof, people from all around the world are sharing their own personal experiences that seemed to them like the real alien experience. So, when you open your browser and try googling UFO and aliens videos, you will run into many, many different testimonials and even the first-hand recorded videos. Some of them are realistic enough to be watched over million times. Do you want to know what the most popular UFO sightings videos on YouTube are?

The most viewed and shared YouTube videos that show UFOs flying over someone’s head or little, strange creatures in the field are most usually amateur videos, recorded by some stranger passing by the whole event. Unfortunately, not everyone has the perfect camera on their smartphones, which is why some of the videos are a bit blurry and not high definition. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t clear enough what they show. Many of them contain a big round metal case flying not that high over some road, and there are the ones showing only lights that go super-fast, which is why some compare it or even claim that those are not the UFOs, but meteorites or wishing stars. Either way, both of them are said to be one of the most popular or trust-worthy UFO videos ever. If you would like to catch up a bit, here are 10 most watched YouTube UFO sighting videos that you need to check out before you even think about debating about this topic with anyone.