What are the most popular websites for college students?


What are the most popular websites for college students? College means a lot of things to students. Apart from the prospect of getting a good education and forging ahead in life, it means a lot of fun! Parties, romance, friends, and exposure to all kinds of new things, college life also includes a high-speed internet connection for most students.

A lot of college students find time hanging on their hands, especially when they have no studies and no partying. What to do then? Of course, surf the internet and enjoy the content. But what kind of content would university students enjoy? They would logically be sites that provide assistance with studies, have humorous articles, tips on how to deal with college life, or basically provide resources for passing the time in a productive and interesting manner.

For example, TED is a website that allows people to discover information on almost any subject under the sun. Whether you want to learn something about current events, or have a hobby you want to know more about, or just require some information for your next assignment, TED is the place to go. The site hosts short video talks from experts and is a rich resource for college students. If you are interested in working with other students around the world, then Open Study is a great website for you. Through this site, you can connect with students all over the world. You can create study groups with students from the other side of the globe and get fresh perspectives from them on different subjects. You can also expect to get help in your studies from other students and moderators.

And of course, Copyscape has to make it to this list because of the prevalence of plagiarism and the strict action taken against it by college authorities. For college students, it has become a boon. Just run the essay through Copyscape and ensure that there is no plagiarism being committed. And if any teacher questions you, just show them how to use the site! We have mentioned only three, but there are a large number of popular websites for college students. If you are looking for resources to use during your time in university, then this list is a must for you! Take a look at this list as it could prove to be very useful during your time at the college.