What are the most popular YouTube songs of all time?


Have you ever thought about what are the most popular YouTube songs of all time? Do you know that some of the most popular songs of all time have more than two billion viewers!

One of the songs that has 693 viewers on YouTube channel is “Danza Kuduro” song played by Don Omar. On the list there is also one song that became one of the most popular songs of the 21st century and song that has over 700 million viewers. That is Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call me maybe”.
In the era of internet and modern technology, it is very easy to play you favorite song where ever you are. By clicking play button on YouTube channel, you increase popularity of that song. What makes some song very popular, nobody knows. Often, a song with a few qualities can still become immensely popular due to its catchiness. Experience has shown that a lot of songs that were very irritating and strange at the first listening, became very popular and they have over billion viewers on YouTube channel and it has chorus which is melodically easy on the ear, simple enough to stay in your head all day Most of the songs on the list are fast and songs for dancing. What is more important in one song is it the rhythm or the words? People have different opinion about what is more important in one song, the rhythm or the words. Actually the most important thing is that music can relax. The other thing that is important is the artist. There are a million of songs that are really quality and good, but the artist could not bring it out in the right way.
If you say “that song is catchy!” what does it mean? If you look in the dictionary, catchy song is the song that embody high levels of remembrance or catchiness. What makes some songs “catchy” nobody knows, but as long as the song has billion of viewers on YouTube channel, it is not important.

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