What Are the Most Prestigious Magazines for Rich People?


Rich people always get special treatment. They get the best tables in restaurants, best rooms in hotels, best service whenever they go, best seats on the stadium, so the magazines owners though one day: ‘Why wouldn’t we create the most prestigious magazines for rich people as well’? And that’s how some of 11 upscale luxury magazines for the rich appeared.

So what is so special and unique about magazines for rich? Well, the price, period. Seriously. There is nothing that you can read in them that you haven’t already saw in any other newspapers or your online apps. The only special thing that makes these magazines stand out of the crowd is their price that goes from $35 to $108,88. You want to enter rich people’s world. Well, at least don’t become a snob.  Some of these magazines are giving the percentage of their incomes from the issue sale to good causes, some charities and organizations that help less fortunate. But I don’t think there is a reason why there are so many rich people buy them and, not that surprisingly, read them only in public. There is a big chance that they throw them away as soon as they get home or give them to their maids to put them somewhere else until some publisher or influence person comes to their home.

I admit, some of these magazines are pretty useful, and by that I don’t think about lightning them to set the fire quicker. There is, for example, Architectural Digest. To be honest, the price of the magazine is a bit hard for me to digest, but the content that the magazine carries is actually worth a shot. This magazine is good for both occasional readers and architecture professionals. It offers a variety of architectural marvels with photography and penmanship, which makes it worth the price.

But not every luxury magazine is worth their price. To see the others, click on 11 upscale luxury magazines for the rich and find out if they are wasting their money on a regular pieces of paper or not.